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If you were unable to attend curriculum night please follow the link to access the presentation:
Curriculum Night Presentation

Math: For the next two weeks our focus will be on fractions and decimals with all operations. This chapter will be a review for some students as well as new content.

Reading: Students that have me for reading are working on their speaking and listening skills in responding to text. They are also using a Word Study program that blends sight words that the 5th graders should be familiar with, words that follow a rule or pattern and cross curricular vocabulary. All work will be due and the final test will usually be on Friday's.
*Battle kick-off has come and gone!!! Books are available in the Media Center.

Writing: In writing class, the boys are continuing to complex sentence structures, run-ons, fragments and comma splices in our grammar program. They have begun a second personal narrative to assess the mastery of the skills taught in the previous one.

Social Studies: The students are now studying unit 4 which is the motivations, navigational tools and encountered new objects during the exploration of the New World.

Science: All of our presentations have come to a close and the students have received both their first four systems quick quiz and presentation rubrics back. For the next two weeks we will be continuing to focus on our body systems and experiencing them through classroom activities and experiments.

Important Information:**
November 18 & 19 - 1/2 day school for students
- Conferences 1-4 and 5-8pm

November25- Thanksgiving Recess Begins

Allergy Alert! We have students in the 5th grade this year with allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. As we switch classes so often, the entire 5th grade is NUT FREE. You may send in a snack for your child to eat during our celebration!

SAFE SNACKS list 2013.doc
SAFE SNACKS list 2013.doc

SAFE SNACKS list 2013.doc

Smart Snacks